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Value Check Appraisal

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This restricted use appraisal is designed for those parties needing some appraisal service but are not in need of a traditional full appraisal at a significant higher cost. Our Value Check Appraisal meets this need for a minimal cost.
There is no property inspection with this product. Information regarding the subject property may be obtained from MLS records, tax records, Realtors discussions, and other credible sources. These reports are preformed by local appraisers familiar with the area of the subject property.

Potential Users Include:

Realtors now an affordable tool for both listing and buyer support. Homeowners now have an affordable tool for refinancing evaluation, property insurance updating, and proper pricing for the potential sale of the property. Buyers now have an affordable tool for obtaining additional data for analysis prior to executing a sales contract. Investors now have an affordable tool to aid in estimating returns on potential purchases.